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KPS T5D Geared Ball Head (Screw Knob Release)


KPS T5D Geared Ball Head (Screw Knob Release)

$ 799.95
STATUS:  KPS has temporarily stopped shipping the T5.  But we are hoping for more by the end of the year.  As soon as we get a firm date for availability we will post it on our Facebook.  Please like or follow us there.  Thank you.
  • Please NOTE:  KPS has modified the T5 with a new main knob design.  The minimum friction thumb wheel is no longer available.  It is replaced by a click-stops.  Read about it here (go to the bottom of the blog).
  • World's first and only Geared Ball Head
  • Enjoy the speed of a ball head with the precision of a geared head
  • Arca-Swiss plate compatible screw-knob release.
  • Arca-Swiss plates compatible.

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