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KPS Product Trial Program

We are a really big fan of KPS ball heads.  So, we really want you to try it and see it for yourself before making your purchase decision.

We have demo units for the following products:

     Geared Ball Head:  KPS T5

     GimBall Head:  KPS G5D

     Compact Ball Head:   KPS NT30A with KPS Slim Plate


If you are interested in the "test drive," please contact us.

  • There is no cost other than shipping costs.  ($15 for outbound shipping + your return shipping cost)
  • Deposit is required.  (The deposit is refunded after we receive the product.)
  • Normal trial period is 3 full days.  The 3 days excludes the day you receive the item and ship back the item.  So, if you receive the item on Monday, then you get to try it on Tue, Wed, and Thur.  Then you ship it back on Friday.
  • PayPal is used for the deposit and shipping cost payment.  So, please send us your PayPal e-mail address for invoicing.