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FLM CP30-XL Pro (formerly "CP30-XL4S") Carbon Fiber Tripod


FLM CP30-XL Pro (formerly "CP30-XL4S") Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Please NOTE:  FLM's CP30-XL Pro is newer name for the model formerly known as CP30-XL4S.  They are exact same tripods, just different names.


FLM's CP30-XL4S Carbon Fiber Tripod is a large support that holds up to 33.1 lb. It has a maximum height of 85.4" and folds down to 26" for transport.
The 4-section legs are made from 8-layer carbon tubes giving it stability without unnecessary weight. Twist locks on each leg allow the sections to be opened and locked with one hand, and prevent dirt and moisture from entering the area between sections. The legs are independently adjustable for use on uneven ground and lock in position using a push-lever lock. With the center column removed and the legs at their widest angle, the tripod sits only 5.1" high for low-angle photography.
  • Each leg is equipped with rubber tips for slippery surfaces, and retractable spiked feet for shooting outdoors on surfaces like sand, grass, or ice.
  • A retractable hook is integrated into the center column for counterweight to add stability.


  • 4-Section Tripod Legs
  • Load Capacity: 33.1 lb
  • Maximum Height: 85.4"
  • Minimum Height: 5.1"
  • 8-Layer Carbon Tubing
  • Twist Locks
  • Retractable Spiked Feet
  • Removable Center Column

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